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An ion is an atom that has lost or gained electrons. Because electrons carry a negative charge, losing electrons will give an ion a positive charge, while gaining electrons will give an ion a negative charge. A positively charged ion is called a cation, and a negatively charged ion is an anion.

These are some of the ions you will come across at level two.

Valency 1 Valency 2 Valency 3
Sodium  Na+ Magnesium  Mg2+ Aluminium  Al3+
Silver  Ag+ Barium  Ba2+ Iron III  Fe3+
Ammonium  NH4+ Copper II  Cu2+    
Hydrogen  H+ Lead II  Pb2+    
Potassium  K+ Zinc  Zn2+    
    Iron II  Fe2+    
    Calcium  Ca2+    

Valency 1 Valency 2
Chloride  Cl- Carbonate  CO32-
Iodide  I- Sulfate  SO42-
Hydroxide  OH-    
Nitrate  NO3-    
Thiocyanate  SCN-    

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